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In front of a beech tree
In the neighborhood of white birches, red pines, and sugar maples
A man quietly opens his zipper
Pees on a clump of yellow grass

From the distant pond behind the camping center
Come four women's laughters
A few wild swans
Gaggles on the residual ice

Through his black shirt
The sun is Ironing and recharging his shoulders
While the breeze, as if some boyhood memories
Visits the dull area between his legs

The smell of warm, yellowish, sprinkling urine
mixes with a touch of bitter incense of cedars
A big piece of wet mark
Exposes some eye-catching fresh green

Just like those solar-powered trees
Which are pumping groundwater to the clouds
A blackbird witnesses this joyful process
Feels no man's offence

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For many years
on the tableland
west of Air Force Base and Bombardier aircraft factory
Bulldozers Leisurely digged
taxpayers purse
Their rough work was finally touched up
And signed by this spring
One sunday morning
We sat on the stairs inside the artificial lake dam
Facing this expensive landscape
Couldn't remember how it was
The sky was dark blue
The grass tender green
Several furry hills
Squatted between the sky and the shiny lake
I asked my daughter:
"Did You see the music ?"
She froze for a few seconds
Then took the hint
Skipped to the dark brown wood strips
of the sightseeing bridge
"Yes, you see!
The lake is a piano box
Each wood strip is a piano key
Opposite hillside
Is an open sheet music
On which the road Is a curved line
Dotted with notes-like little trees ...... "
She was moved by her fancy
Jumped left and right
Seemed to be really playing
Downsview Park
This huge piano

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When Jane- Sheppard Library was just a steel frame
Mother passed by the site, on the way to Yongfeng supermarket
For some Chinese goods . Every time, She took the shortcut
Stood beside Sheppard Avenue
Waiting for a chance of illegal crossing
For my criticism and worries, she answered
with the stubbornness of a peasant and tone of veteran:
"I'm not blind. Besides, there should be traffic lights."
Last summer, the library opened. This spring
In the T-shaped intersection, traffic signals and zebra crossing
Started to work. -----Whenever
I saw a red lights there,The brakes always reminded me:
I should tell her this , in the oversea calls

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In the woods
Little twigs
Hold up a few fresh green leaves
Yet, huge maples
Bitter cypresses
Pine trees
live ones take up the sky fully
Fallen dead
A large portion of the land
"In this life
You may never see any twigs
Reaching to the sky. "
In the woods
A man is listening to the voice
Inside his own mind
Big trees
Talk in the universal language of wind
Swinging excitedly
Like politicians in the Upper House
Debating our annual budget
And these twigs
In the woods
Just gently nod
Or shake heads

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Highway 400
A middle raphe of a color pictorial
Runs through the autumn between Toronto and Orillia
I read you long and gently
Oh, Ontario
Blonde earth
I must be in love with you
I wonder why you are so charming
So gorgeous
Are you going to replace my hometown
To become the cover of my soul?
I must be in love with you
In love with your vastness
No matter how fast I go
You are only slowly
In love with your openness
Your naked farmland in the sun
So sexy
Sexier than tanned Beach beauty
In love with your plump, round, melodious undulations
Mutually being Background
With Softrock Radio music
In love with your bright woods
Like spilled color
Pouring on exercise books of pupils
In love with your grand harvest
The endless fields
Excited combine harvesters
Also give me warms and plenitude
And your shining cottages
Agricultural machineries
Gas stations which also Sell groceries
Horses which Leisurely Wag their tails
I read you,so long, so gently
I repeatedly think of
Our relationship:
It has been 12 years
I belong to you
But I have never felt as today
You can also belong to me
You comfort me
Fascinate me
With another kind of motherhood force
Offset the call from afar

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Ten years ago, on a early spring Saturday
We went strolling in High Park
My son was only two years old
Hold for a while, led by hands for a While
Pushed in the baby carriage for a while
Sunlight in his face smelled like hot milk

Maples and oaks still naked
But pig tooth grass,ox tongue grass and dandelions
were growing up underneath
Some greening and softening shrub branches
popped out lots of little dots
Like spring's milk teeth

splashing laughters merged into a creek
Whistle-sweet, petite cardinals
Red winged blackbirds on cattails
From time to time
Led the curious eyes of a child
To lower a father's center of gravity

We walked and stopped
Ate all the food stuffed underneath the stroller
No more thinking of stocks----The stabbing pain
I took a nap on dry grass
Eyelids in the sun
Covered my brain Like pink curtains

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6楼  发表于: 2015-10-19  
When Saddam • Hussein was still bossing Iraqis  
His officer, Captain Joseph fled to Canada
Worked With me, a new immigrant
For French contractor Mr Greenham
On Ashbridge's bay Park Extension site

Greenham's arms were thicker than my thighs
He had a sister-in-law from Taiwan, so there were many questions about China
My stammered answer confused him even more
Others were native white guys
Their only verb was FUCK, adjective was FUCKING

We planted trees in spring snow and rain
Muddy shovels and boots were heavy like hell
Every day we prayed for good weather, so we could work 11 hours
$14 hourly for us was awesome
Ice-hard lunch seemed not too bad to chew

A flock of geese inspected around all day
One time we had just planted a maple, added loam
They laid several dazzling eggs on the mound
----- Unfortunately, even before goslings hatched
I foolishly quit to a Chinese newspaper

Years later, Touching a bowl-sized trunk in the park
I boasted to my children: "This is my tree ! "

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At dawn
In the direction of Black Creek
There is a span of canyon
Between a bird
And its echo
In the misty dream
And the dreamy mist
Like a pair of big scissors
The bird call
And cuts
Doing a c-section for the dawn
I don't know the name of the bird
Perhaps its call
Is its name
A confirmatory
Of its life
To all listening creatures
And the Creator
I guess it is a large bird
With a deep throat
And a narrow, long resonance box
wrapped by an oval, gray velvet belly
The inner
Is blood-red
Which express the joy
With melancholy
With cool solitude
When a man is waken
By urine and stomach ache
Light changes his eyelids
From egg white
To pink
This bird call faded
Chirps blossom
All over a cherry tree in the backyard
That is
Some of the tiny things
Singing Only with their beaks and tongues
To express simple happiness

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Driving in maple fragrance and rain flavor
He could not help complaining:
Who should inherit his estate and business
46-year-old son still a bachelor
50-year-old daughter divorced
Turning off the engine sounded like a sigh
We stopped at the cottage entrance beside Kings Road
He bypassed the iron fence door
Stepped on a weedy path
To copy the battery size of  a wood chipper
I heard a large group of crows
Shrieking over his cottage in the depths of the woods
Spiraling into a noisy swirl
He seemed to be sucked in completely
In the lush,verdant,damp background
Smoke was difficult to spread
I quietly looked at the door:
Kinked only by some noodle-like wires
Rusty, and broken
It actually locked up the numerous towering trees
In one hundred acres froest
It represented the law
Determine Mr.Kubo's ownership of this land
Of millions of dollars
But I was vaguely aware:
Crows, were the real masters

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A Lifeguard
Each time, in Northwood community center swimming pool
I see her, standing on the brick platform by the shallow end under a large umbrella
She smiles to my kids, I smile back
In the dazzling afternoon sunshine, she squints
Slightly sleepy blue eyes, fascinate me
I dare not to approach her, but in the spare time of playing with my children
I take a glance at her again and again, intentionally or unintentionally
I guess she is a South American descent, about 18, probably an university student
In summer vacation, lifeguarding to earn some pocket money
She has a soft face , not frivolous expression  
Red white vest and shorts
Brown skin exudes a tropical beach atmosphere

Half an hour later, she moves up to the lookout beside the deep end
More like a Merciful Guanyin of modern Western version.
I leave kids playing with inflatable shark and water ball
Swim to her side, back and forth, ostentatiously like a teen
I know that, in her eyes, I am just a half-naked Chinese man
An awkward paddling person, a part of the world has nothing to do with her
But I instinctively succumb to the beauty of the opposite sex
Every time out of water, my eyes just look up to her
Strong dangling legs, and ten cute toes talking in silent language
I head in water once again, imagine myself drowning
Being, or about to get her rescue ......
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"...... one morning, In King City's cottage
I watched a spider netting, between the eaves and a maple tree
---- For the Spider, which was a huge distance
she weaved so beautifully, so skillfully
The warps and wefts were as clear as it could be
In the sunlight, dews on the silk thread looked like a string of tiny pearls
I asked myself: Where she learned such a superb technique ?
and how is such a superb technique, to be inherited? "
Our truck jolted on Younge Street, made sudden turns frequently
To avoid street parking; or screeching halts on the red lights
He was steering with one hand , and gesturing with another
seemed to have forgotten the purpose of this trip ----
One small furniture exhibition mainly for architects  
"Maybe sooner or later, we will know how , but never know why."
We talked all the way, missed College Street
Had to continue south to Bloor
I didn't think that, this millionaire heir, 47-year-old bachelor
A selfish man who rather let the company down, to squeeze out his sister
A stingy ghost who would insist AA in the first date
In addition to money, his mind was also stored with this question
And this question, like the fog, also shrouded
Canadian Imperial Bank Building far front
And the wet red leaves messing up with all kinds of commercial signs

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Lake of Ontario, dark blue round table.
Port, assorted penholder.
The free writing of Seagulls

Spinnaker, from finity to infinity.
The questions of waves and answers of the shore.

A swan sat in a white swan boat
Her head immersed in water,
Coincided with her own shadow.

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After a nap
Look through the sealed window from inside
The blue sky is very mysterious
The silently burning sun is very mysterious
The white pillar in a red porch is very mysterious
But the most mysterious thing is
The wind
It must be saying something
In those backyards between Brady cres. and whiteby cres.
Must be spreading something
I can not hear
But I can see
From an Iranian's garden
To an Italian's
To mine
To an Indian's
To a newfoundland-born Englishman's
The wind talks with a cherry tree
Which waves
To indicate that it understand
Not only the hint
But also all ambiguities
The wind talks to a mulberry
Which leans to oneside
Confess the white and hairy backside of the leaves
The wind talks to a willow
Which frivolously float
Like pulling someone's sleeves
The wind also talks with old-fashioned pine tree
Which holds some kind of  leader-like solemnity
Of old khaki cloth
But could not help shaking
And nodding
The wind also talks with grass and vegetables
Drives them crazy
turns them into white snakes
slithering with green snakes
Sometimes it talks for a while in one place
Just goes away for a while
Then comes back
Repeating the same words again, and again, a hundred times
It does not speak with one voice
It speaks incoherently
Left and right
Positively and negatively
Sometimes it just said something
Then denies it
Then denies its denial
The wind has more than one postures, directions, intensities
Because any part of its body
May speak independently
They chase each other
Like the flow of water to separate
Like a braid twisted together
I do not know what exactly it is saying
But I believe
Whatever It says is true
Even the self-contradicted ones

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After eight months
We are here again
My 5-year-old daughter
Recognizes the barbecue place at first glance
We spread a mat on the grass
The day
Is so completely placed in the solemn hue of the world
Shadows are prorated by the sun
Each tree
Shelters one, or multiple families
Their center is a picnic table

Like weaving braids
The wind separates, merges
Blows things
And goes through hot sticky gaps in-between
I see a beautiful smile
In an ugly woman's face
I see the sweetest expression
Of a mentally retarded kid sucking ice cream
And dogs, size disparity, pedigree varying
Stop from time to time
Lifting a hind leg
To leave their joyful marks

Whole day
Kids play in the range of my eyesight
Hungry, run back to bite some sausage
Thirsty to drink Coke
I toss the book aside
Doing nothing
But occasionally pick up a maple seed fallen on my mats
Curiously observe
Its sheath
A one-inch-long wing
It can be rotated by the wind
Overfly the boundary of its parents

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"White Corner" is actually red. From Jane Street we turned left to Wilson Ave
To Ricky road, Kelvin pointed to the right of a small building and shouted:
"There!". Lily screamed its name out in English
It was Sunday afternoon, we came here
To buy a kind of "good to eat" fruit candy, it was Kelvin's discovery
After school from Pierre Laporte Middle. It caused
Laughable jealousy and persistent entanglement

They ran toward a row of colored glass jars filled with elongated candies
And I noticed a map of the Diaoyu Islands in "Sing Tao Daily"
In the hands of the store owner. "Are you Chinese?"
He asked the question I was about to ask
Then we had a talk. He came from Wuhan, I said I was from Yueyang
Could be regarded as neighbors; He offhandedly started to recite "Yueyang Tower"
His wife, a little dowdy woman in all kinds of colorful trademarks
Smiling, joined the chat

At the end, I found that we drove 5 kilometers, only for 2 dollar 30 cents business
Chewing a candy, Lily sweetly praised me. I also felt worthwhile
And told my wife the whole story
"Oh, I know that woman," she said, " When your mother still here
I was once with her, in Del park, complaining about in-laws together. "

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When I returned from Waterloo
It was trapped in the warehouse for a while
Could not find
The entrance of this human cage it strayed into
On the 6-meter-high windowsill
It back and forth
Shrilly chirped
Called Its companion, the other starling
Echoing outside
Enhancing its anxiety in vain
In order to be close to each other
They stood straight up
Stretched wings
Patted each other on the glass
However, the half centimeter distance
Separated them
And might be forever
My eyes were hard to settle down on the shipping list
From time to time, followed its black figure
In the large and fragmented warehouse space
After a series of  expeditionary adventure
It returned to its original position
Wailing in despair
A feather underneath its neck was jittering in high frequency
I opened the shipping door
But the bird was too much above
Didn't find this emergency exit for dinosaurs
Its enthusiastic and stubborn desire for freedom
Deceived by the bright glass
Never expected a real way out
At a lower point
In places close to the ground
Before I finished work, its partner left
I had to close the door, turn off the lights
Leave it with a quadrangular red sunset sky
And gloomy silence of a rectangular prism

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In the morning after Obama and Romney's third round election debate
In the T-junction of Elm Street ending at Jane Street
While I was waiting for the left turn signal, facing hundreds of maple trees in Sheppard Golf Club
Why did I think of that a few leaves?
They didn't belong to this era, but hung in 2 or 3 pm of a not-yet-autumn day 23 years ago,
They didn't belong to this continent, but hung on a small hill between Xiangtan University and Xiangtan TV College in southern China
They also didn't belong to me, I just saw them showing a sort of lemon yellow
On a branch of a tall, thin, curved, unknown small tree
On a hillside between two schools in southern China
In 2 or 3 pm of a not-yet-autumn day 23 years ago
There was a shallow pit under the tree, but no water in it
I and Z, standing in the pit, looking at them, felt that
The fall was coming, although it was still hot
But we couldn't see this, from the exotic pines, cedars, bitter neem
As well as the field filled with flowering and spiking rice plants in the foothills
I was a little heartache. Because of wine sleepiness
We took a nap on the carex under the tree
I saw the piebald of leaf shadows swimming in Z' warm face covered with pimples

In the morning after Obama and Romney's third round election debate
I did not know, Why did I think of that a few leaves

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After several sunny days in a row
I collect the garden litter and pile them up
Lit a fire
In this city, it is illegal
But this illegality
Itches me more to do it
With childhood curiosity
Youthhood enthusiasm
And middle-age cautiousness
I am an ignition expert since I was a kid , but this
Is not adequate for me to brag
Instead of making a fire
The more important thing is controlling a fire
To fully burn itself
Without harming innocents

It soon applauds with crackling sounds
The capricious wind
Continuously changes the flaming banner
The fire is biting and chewing
Open some big mouths on the pyre  
I keep feeding it with garbage
Blood in my forehead
Echoes the flame
Seems to be breaking out
I step back
Maintaining an appropriate distance from it
Hollow the smoking part
With a long stick
Occasionally, suppress the frivolous flame
With heavy material

Neighbor's dog barks a few times, but the police does not come
My fire is very good, very civilized
Like roses
Or Silk
Or a well-tamed ritmeester
Running in slow motion of a movie
When the possibility of a disaster is basically eliminated
Its illegality
Gradually inclines toward rationality
I lit a cigarette
Gazing at it
Experienced the arrogant prime of life
It is becoming more and more stable
No smoke at all

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Spring comes very slow
But Chen and his wife act quickly
When tulips and  tawny day lilies just stick out some verdant tips
A "SOLD" sign has been thwacked into the lawn
Of 44 Brady Cres.
Two cherry trees, two almonds, a pear
Line up in the side yard of 166 Leitz Wood Ave
patiently waiting for flowering Weather
Their owners Jermain couple
Have sold them once and have to sell them again
For this reason
A protracted tug of price war
Goes between the two couples
people Involved also include
Broker Mr. James and Mr. Gerry
Canadian Imperial Bank loan officer, Ms. Eliza
Real estate transaction counsel, Mr. Chai and Mr. Hoffman
Home Inspector Mr. Bruce
By the end of April, the final deal has not been reached
Related people still consume paper, ink, gasoline, and brain cells
Temperature continues to rise
After a rain
Regardless of their uncertain legal attributions
The 5 trees of 166 Leitz Wood
Burst out three piles of snow and two rouge clouds

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That yellow-faced man
Flashed in the dusk
Hurried to catch up with a biking boy wearing a helmet
He suddenly stopped
And turned around asking me in Chinese
"Are you Chinese?"

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That was Victoria Day afternoon, Kelvin and Lily
Pulled me to the front yard, Where there was a robin
Staying stiffly under the fence. before being cupped in my hands
It trembled, like a sitting sleepy elderly suddenly awakened

Black in the back, rust red on the belly, left wing withered
Beak wasgray and dry......In my hand
It kicked feebly, leaked out a drop of tweet
I put it back on the grass, told my kids not to bother

But they anxiously guarded it, and reported to me again and again
"I gave her some bread crumbs, she doesn't eat."
"I gave her a lid of bottled water, she doesn't drink."
"I saw two watery droppings, maybe she has diarrhea ......"

When the dusk came, they found it upside down on the ground, but heart still beating
Lily cried, begging me sent it to the hospital
"But it's just a bird." I said nonchalantly
In the tone of a  "father ", to brace their bearing for tragedy

But Kelvin followed me all the way, kept asking:
"Why did God let His creatures die?"
Lily peeled some tulip flowers, draped over the bird
Seemed that could reduce the pain of death ......

The next afternoon, when I came home from work
It was already dead in its dying place. I shoveled it up, buried it in the garden
Two kids suddenly got busy: the boy placed a brick
As a headstone; the girl stuck a tulip in the front  

Facing the bird grave, they closed their palms, bend down, prayed, circled
Threw cherry flowers and grass...... The primitive ceremony was so solemn, perfect
At the end, they can not help but hugged each other, and laughed
From that, I also gained a great relief

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